Head of Sales

Poland Sales

28 Jul 2018






About the company
PerfOps is a VC funded European startup focusing on performance optimization and monitoring.
We make the monitoring of distributed infrastructure such as CDN and DNS providers as easy as possible.
We are also building a smart load-balancing platform that allows users to route traffic based on any kind of parameters such as RUM performance, uptime, GEO or custom code.
At the moment the team consists of 1 founder and 4 employees.

Learn more about the product https://perfops.net/


We are looking for a technically skilled head of sales that will build a new sales department from scratch.
You will be tasked with hiring and managing sales personnel, building our sales strategy, do outbound sales, meet with clients and basically completely take over the sales process at PerfOps.
This is a remote position!


  • 5+ years experience in B2B sales
  • 1+ years experience working with CDN and/or DNS systems
  • Good technical understanding of CDN and DNS
  • Fluent english

We offer

  • Monthly compensation based on a contract
  • Commision from all sales
  • Equity in the company
  • Flexibility